Escucha un especial con 89% de electro

Micronism – Constructing Space (techno)
Levon Vincent – Late Reflections (techno)
Steffi – Cease to Exist (electro)
Bicep – Glue (d&b / electro)
WORRIEDABOUTSATAN – This Restless Wing (techno)
Dj Sports – World A (d&b / electro)
Lanark Artefax – Touch Absence (idm / electro)
SW. – Untitled A1 (idm / electro)
RWD – Spirit That Dyes (electro)
Haex Hrll – North Of Warren (electro)
SHED – Outgoing (electro)
Xosar – Xymeria (electro)
Nadia Struiwigh – Intrope (electro)
Kedr Livanskyi – Ariadna (synth pop / electro pop)
Sistema – Humo (idm / electro)
Komatssu – Cuando la Justicia (idm / electro)
The Other People Place – Moonlight Rendezvous (electro)
Mystic Tribe A.I – Telephatic Seduction (electro)

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Ricardo Villalobos Easy Lee

#RucoDeOnda: 2 horas, 8 tracks, 12 minutos x rola


El programa especial de jungle y drum & bass para Reactor 105.7