Especial Ruco de Onda presents Giegling 20

Hicimos un pequeño especial con casi todos los tracks del compilado Giegling 20, pero además metimos tracks de los discos de TraumprinzEdward, Prince of Denmark y de un par de EPs de Dj Metatron.


Traumprinz – Good Vibrations (Kashas’s Main Vocal Mix)
Map.ache – Happy Birthday
D-IX – Hugo
Edward – Check Check
Mathias Reiling – The Look On Their Face
Herr Koreander – Derive
Jacques Bon – See & Feel
Dj Metatron – State of Me
Kettenkarussell – Trust
Leafar Legov – Your Vibe
Edward – Skating Beats
Traumprinz – There Will Be XTC
Traumprinz – All The Things
Prince Of Denmark – (In The End) The Ghost Ran Out Of Memory
Traumprinz – 2 The Sky (Metatron’s What If There No End And No Beginning Mix)

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