El Ruco de Onda con lo que más he escuchado en el año (según Last.fm)


Veda – Whiplash
Crank Call Love Affair – What’s Wrong Yvette?
Skeletal Family – Promised Land
Pill – Fetish Queen
Planes Mistaken For Stars – Fuckin’ Tenderness
White Lung – Hungry
Chassol – Two lines
Chassol – Little Krishna & The Girls
Domenique Dumont – L’espirit De L’escalier
Dijf Sanders – Subway
Lifetones – For A Reason
The Pattern Forms – Black Rain
Virginia – Bally Linny
Fatima Yamaha – Love Invaders
Kornél Kovács – BB
Rising Sun – A Path
Be – Enna Gee
Be – Sweet Under
Steven Julien – Chantel
Leif – Taraxacum 1
Dip In The Pool – On Retinae (East Version)


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