El Ruco de Onda que repasa el mejor house del 2015 y principios de 2016

Kórnel kovács – Pantalón
Sparky – Signals
Jamie XX – Loud Places (Barnt Remix)
Westbam & Nena – Old School (Piano mix)
Adesse Versions – Music Infinite
Chymera – Rainbow Brite
The Galleria – Calling Card
Dj Metatron – The Colour (Sad Sad Euphoria Breakbeat Mix)
Map.ache – The Golden Age
Dj Sotofett – Nondo
LNRDCROY – Ad in the Paper
Florist – Marine Drive
Leif – Painted Cakes Do Not Satisfy Hunger
Leon Vynehall – Midnight On Rainbow Road (Beat Edit)
Be – Buttertoes
Grant – Awful Truth

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